Old Mill Toronto Wedding

This Old Mill Toronto Wedding hub is going to give you all the information you need about getting married at The Old Mill in Toronto

* Updated April 20, 2020)

About the Old Mill:

The Old Mill is a elegant and historic Toronto wedding venue located on the west end. Hidden right behind Bloor St, it is a gorgeous location for weddings where the venue, catering and ceremony will be handled by one vendor contact. Even better, Katherine and I were married at The Old Mill.

About my photography

From the onset, naturally vibrant and emotional. Katherine and I married here in 2016 because we loved the elegance of the venue and were so impressed by the professionalism of the staff, coordinator, and captains. When I return to The Old Mill to photograph your wedding, it is to make photographs that honour and document the real lovely moments between you and your friends and family.

Check out a few of the many weddings I have shot at the Old Mill: Massimo & Nicola, Katie & Nitin, Rachel & Chris, Sandra & Winston

Old Mill Toronto Wedding

Where to have your ceremony at The Old Mill:

There are 3 potential ceremony locations on-site at The Old Mill.

  1. Courtyard – The Courtyard is located at the lowest level of the grounds, and features plenty of outdoor space to seat your guests. Because it is protected by walls in every direction, it is rarely windy and is almost always perfectly shaded.
  2. Chapel – The wedding chapel underwent a spectacular little renovation in 2019. The staff painted the inside white, followed with updating the lighting. We love it as the romantic, intimate and quiet ceremony location it is.
  3. The cottage garden – The second outdoor location at The Old Mill, and the location Katherine and I married. We love this for tight-knit weddings with under 50 people. It is attached to the Garden room and you can have a lovely brunch or late wedding in this room. Highly recommend!
  4. Offsite church – There are many

Old Mill Portrait locations:

The Old Mill has a wonderful selection of portrait locations on the grounds.

  1. Main courtyard
  2. Cherry Blossom Tree (depending on season)
  3. Rooftop courtyard (if available)
  4. Hotel room balcony (if available)
  5. Secret rooms – Can’t say much about this but if you’re into some Wes Anderson vibes, we should talk about doing a few portraits in some secret hallways and rooms I love.

Old Mill Reception Details:

In most cases, you will either be getting married in one of the Brule rooms, or in Guildhall. There are other rooms available, but less frequented for weddings.

The Brule rooms are darker, intentionally lit for atmospheric effect, and we recommend asking your captain to turn up the lighting as much as possible until you’re ready to party. Even fully lit is still a nice romantic dark for an Old Mill Toronto Wedding, but light enough for photo and video!

Guildhall has a lovely window to one side that let’s in beautiful light right into the evening. When you book this room you also have access to the patio that accompanies it and is great for outdoor dances and hanging out on warm summer nights.

Details to consider:

For brides and grooms getting ready at the Old Mill, here are a few tips:

  • Look to empty the room as much as possibly by putting all extra bags/coats into a separate room. This will give your make-up and hair vendor PLENTY of space to work with. Look to have them closer to a window if that’s how they prefer to work.
  • Setup your cocktail hour in your reception and if you are planning a receiving line, have it just outside the room with an easy way to say thanks and allow your guests to enter in an easy flow.
  • If you’re having your ceremony inside the chapel, instruct your guests to arrive earlier than needed. Because of the small space it is easy to make a lot of noise opening and closing the door during the ceremony.

Family Photo Locations:

Two locations where I love to do family photographs after the ceremony:

1. Outside the chapel: Surprisingly I never see photographers take family photographs outside the chapel. There is a prefect location just outside with evenly lined trees that make a perfect backdrop.

2. The Wedding Garden: After most ceremonies, couples run off and the guests head off to the cocktail hour. I love to sneak the family back down and into the wedding garden to have a lovely backdrop for family photographs.

There are a couple of other places that work in a pinch, both indoor and outdoor. Leave me a note if you want to make sure you have the perfect location or family photographs.

Nearby portrait locations:

Escaping The Old Mill for 45 minutes to an hour when it fits the schedule is a great way to add really special portraits to your day. Here’s where I recommend going:

  1. High Park – Toronto’s iconic High Park is a goto for epic wedding photographs in the summertime. The park boasts lots of shade and beautiful vantage points.
  2. Humber trail – Steps from the Old Mill hotel, this little trail offers a unique opportunity for portraits if you are willing to take a little walk. On the way back we can even grab a quick portrait on the bridge.

Where to get ready:

  1. The Old Mill – Of course, the closest and most elegant location is the Old Mill Hotel itself!
  2. Nearby Hotel – Send me a note if you want a list of nearby hotels to get ready at.
  3. AirBnb’s – The west end of Toronto has some absolutely stunning AirBnBs you can rent out. Couples may get ready there and let their parents/close family stay at the AirBnb if they are from out of town.
  4. At your house – If you live in the downtown core, why not get ready at your own house? It will be wonderful to travel the subway to the Old Mill.


Favourite Old Mill Vendors:

Makeup Artist: Jennifer Bartelt
Florist: Quill & Oak, Ester of Ital Florist,
Dress Maker: Becker’s Bridal, David’s Bridal, Bride’s Project
Jewelry: Humber Town Jeweller
Cake Maker: LaRose Bakery
DJ: Julio Martnez


Callum Pinkney Photography is a Hamilton Wedding Photographer for couples who want their wedding documented with artistic style and genuine candour. With a fine art style and light editorial posing, Callum documents moment through moment with an authentic modern style that stays true to classic portraiture. If you enjoyed this Old Mill Toronto Wedding, and are getting married in 2019, don’t hesitate to contact Callum for availability.

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