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Easy-going and relaxed, dual-wielding camera samurai


Modern. Artistic. Authentic.


Drawing on his love for classic portraiture and modern documentary photography, Callum's work is modern, authentic, and artistic wedding photography. He creates images that are bold, beautiful and epically heart-felt. Callum prefers to work with couples from the start to the finish of their day to curate and capture the emotional journey of the day.




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Here is a run down of the questions we are most frequently asked about wedding photography

Q: How would you describe your style?

Artistic. Authenic. Modern. Callum uses a style that is a combination of journalistic storytelling and creative contemporary portraiture. On your wedding day, Callum focuses his attention on telling the whole story of your wedding day. Callum works to capture the little moments that you may not even know had occurred. Callum will not interrupt the day or force images. He is there capture the emotional spark of the day and follow that through your wedding day.

Q: Will you replicate these photos, or shoot in a particular style?

Every photographer has their own style, & this is Callum’s. We’re stoked you like it. He is determined to never be pulled into fads or styles that will be cringe-worthy in 5, 10 or 20 years.

Q: We have X budget. Can you shift your pricing a little for us?

We are grateful to work with everyone we can, but we also set a limit to how many weddings we take on in a year. This means we can prioritize and provide extreme attention and detail to the photographs Callum makes for your wedding. This however means we have very little wiggle room for meeting budgets. Don’t fret, if your budget is lower, feel free to reach out and I can connect you to some Ontario wedding photographers who can match that.

Q: Do you travel?

Absolutely, we love travelling! Any wedding within 150 kilometres of Toronto has no additional travel fees. Callum is available to capture weddings all over North America and throughout Europe. For destination weddings or long-distance weddings, I only ask you provide me with a way there and back and somewhere to sleep. We’d love to join you anywhere in the world.

Q: What about engagement sessions?

Of course! Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to get to know one another and have fun! If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, an engagement session is a great opportunity to get comfortable before your wedding day! Callum will show you how you can be photogenic, and boss out in front of the camera while we have an amazing time. This is a great time for us to connect so you know of what to expect on your wedding day. You won’t regret it!

Engagement photos are also perfect for save the dates and RSVPs!

Q: Will you be covering my wedding?

Yes! Every couple’s wedding is covered by Callum. Being comfortable with your photographer’s presence throughout your wedding day is very important to us; the last thing you want is to feel like strangers. That’s why we want to meet you either in person or through video chat at the beginning of this process. We want to be friends!

Q: Do you bring a second photographer?

We work with couples to determine whether a second photographer is needed at their wedding & it is an option in the price list. On our website you will view weddings where Callum has worked alone, and with a second photographer. Ask us about the advantages and disadvantages of each!

Q: Do you do formal photos?

Of course, Callum wants to capture your wedding day in it’s entirety. Family is important. If requested, Callum will work with you to set aside a time to capture lasting family photos. Please let us know the who, and we’ll work together to get everyone in!

Q: What is a first look? Do you do them?

A first look is a private moment for the bride and groom to see each other just before the wedding. It can be intimate, emotional and incredibly powerful. First looks are not for everyone, and some couples prefer not to see each other until they walk down the aisle. Some added bonuses of seeing each other before the wedding is being able to do any family or formal photographs before the ceremony, allowing you to go straight into all the fun stuff right after the ceremony. Depending on the time of the ceremony, first looks also give us ample time as the sun goes down to get beautiful golden hour photographs of you both.

Q: Can others take photographs?

Absolutely. Family members love taking photographs and we love seeing it happening; it’s all part of the excitement! We just ask that any guests wanting to take photographs are mindful of space around Callum so that he doesn’t miss any of your moments while telling your story. But we do offer an unplugged discount if you don’t your aunt’s iPhone in all of your photos, just ask us about it!

Q: Do you edit your photographs? How many will I get? When will I get them?

Callum edits every single one.

Depending on the length of your wedding, and other circumstances, the average delivery has anywhere from 400-850 images.

The average delivery time after your wedding is 4-6 weeks in the busy season. At the same time, we will also be in touch to talk about album design. You’re more than welcome to come to our studio and we can look at some albums over coffee, or meet at a cafe. We strive very hard to turn around images before 4 weeks.

Q: Am I allowed to print photos, share them, or post them online?

We personally deliver high-quality, high-resolution photographs that are ready for you to print as small or as large as possible. You are given full-rights to print wherever and however you want, just please do not edit any of the images. We do not provide “raw” files.

Q: Tell me more about wedding albums!

Your wedding is photographed with the final vision to be made into an album that you cherish forever. The albums we use are made of high-quality archival paper and supreme quality leather or linen. They are the perfect way to relive your wedding day and share the love with family and friends. Find out more here!

Q: Can we meet you?

Of course! We love making new friends and Callum would love to sit down with you and talk about your exciting day. You can contact us here!