Wedding Albums

Do you remember the first time your grandparents or your parents showed you their wedding album? Remember finding out what Dad’s mullet looked like, or the moment the crazy uncle broke out a hand-stand? Those are photographs we cannot replace. They should not live on a USB or on your computer. Your wedding album should be a fixture on your coffee table.

Wedding albums are more important than most of us realize. They provide a visual legacy for you, in a world where every Instagram-filtered photograph is lost the moment you delete your account. It is important to have all the best photos from your wedding day in a wedding album. That part of your life grow with you and your family. Forever.

All of our wedding albums are personally designed, and built with gorgeous Fuji archival museum paper, and backed on ethically sourced leather or linen covers that will protect and wear into your family’s growing history. Because of the quality, these wedding albums will outlast all of us.

We offer wedding albums in three sizes: 8×8, 10×10 or 12×12 (inches).

Most importantly, with every design you have the opportunity to confirm revisions and make sure the photographs that are essential to your memories are within your album.

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