Toronto Summer Wedding

Katherine and I used to live right downtown Toronto and had this cozy little coffee shop with a patio we loved. Rachel and Chris reached out about their wedding plans, I used any excuse to hang out in the sun on the patio with them. The first time we met, and even through the engagement session, Rachel and Chris were quiet but adventurous people. They loved finding new breweries, taking in ball games, travelling and getting outside with their dog. This Toronto Summer Wedding was everything about why I love weddings, and how you can have a casual vibe to your day while still getting absolutely breathtaking moments.

With every wedding, I remind couples that this day is a celebration and every celebration is different. Contained within the story of this little day you may find a cute dog, best friends, moments of quiet, acts of love, pre-planned dances to Backstreet Boys, surprised parents, and of course happy faces.

I love this Toronto summer wedding, I love these two, I love how they laugh at and with each other, and I loved this wedding day.

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