Your wedding photographer in the Toronto, Hamilton, London & Kitchener and Cambridge areas.

I document the world we live in. With every photograph, with every couple, I aim for the moments you are living right now. That is everything I have ever known, to observe and document what our beautiful world looks like in the lines between candid, photojournalistic story-telling, and iconic portraiture. The first camera I picked up was on an island in Spain; a photograph of the long grass blowing on the hillside overlooking the sandy beaches of Mallorca. I knew that the photograph was important; it *felt* how I felt. To this day, that’s what I am protecting and preserving every single time I take a photograph.

Developing that vision led me to meeting the love of my life, taking two massive career-defining trips, and making life long friends who share their own dreams, hopes, struggles and accomplishments.

With every wedding I attend, I get to peek into the past with the family who have watched you grow, and predict the future. Like the photographs I take for you, your family will grow over the decades and take on their own personality in your home. Be it an album on the coffee table of the emotional moments from your wedding, or the iconic portrait you have in the study.

All things that that endure time, age well. That’s my philosophy, my vision, my promise to you.

The photographs & weddings you find on my site are a documentation of human life; of someone’s wedding day. Of your wedding day.

I want you to feel your photographs.


Coming from a very small family where I was the only child forced me to reach out and make life-long connections with strangers. As a photographer it is my job to give you the best photographs possible.

As a friend, it is the least I could do.

I’m based in Toronto, ON, and travel all over the province for amazing stories. Let’s get coffee:

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