A little about us

Callum describes himself as a “not-so-serious” human. I would describe him as a perfect mix of funny, kind, creative and passionate.

When Callum was given his first camera as a kid, I think he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Callum loves standing back and watching the world. Photography gave him a way to freeze time and capture the beautiful world we live in.

But being a professional photographer was big and scary so he ignored it for years. Callum did the jobs that you’re “supposed” to do, the safe salaried jobs (you should ask him about working at a casino!). He continued to photograph

And then he made the jump. You might not know this yet but Callum gives everything 1000%. Photography is no different. His personal love for the medium shines through in every photograph he makes for you.

When he opened Callum Pinkney Photography, he was able to use his passion to capture the most important moments of a wedding day. The parts you not might see or remember but will cherish when you look back at your photographs

The couples Callum works with become friends. He’s invested in making your wedding day the best day and will be the first one there if you need help.

– Katherine


Katherine is this fireball of compassion and infectious happiness and makes everyone feel comfortable from the moment they met. That is maybe a secret superpower: she makes friends with everyone.

She is constantly on the lookout for the next great adventure, between finding new local spots to eat, or flying us half-way around the world to experience new cultures. In most cases, it is to an ultra-marathon race she wants to run but markets it to me as a fantastic family adventure. Unsurprisingly, she is the dominant athlete in the house.

If Katherine was not helping our couples ensure they stay connected and making their day the best possible day, she would probably have become a travel writer who has a shortlist for the best eats in every city.

I love her light-hearted and positive outlook on everything and anything.

I love her ability to make someone feel better at precisely the moment it is needed. I love her refusal to quit and at the same time knowing when to prioritize happiness of her self and others over everything.

I love her immensely, and you will too. Katherine is going to ensure you prioritize the important elements of your day, and keep that focus entirely on you.

– Callum




Katherine and I married in 2016, and a day after our best friends wed in November we jumped in our tiny RV and travelled the states for six months. We made new friends, met up with old ones, and had some crazy adventures.

If you want to know we're going to be a great fit, check out this blog post of our time navigating America in a tiny van, then come say hi!