Oh yes. The coziest Toronto winter wedding I have documented in a long time. Everything about this day is something magical.

In the very first email to us, Sandra mentioned that both her and Winston were concerned about lighting as she is white, and Winston is black. Literally she ended the email with: “… so basically we’re just trying to make it as difficult as possible.”

That couldn’t have been further from the truth. This was just love and good times and quiet romantics who wanted more time together and less formality. Lovers of snuggling in bed to X-Files, and Batman, and both have the biggest hearts I have ever seen.

This beautiful day starts off in one of my favourite locations ever (can you guess why and do you recognize it?) — A first look on the bridge followed by a little walk down the road, and then straight to the chapel to do the thing! No messing about!

From that second on, watch this party unfold!

Much love,

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