When you strip it all away, what essentials are you left with? This is the question I was left asking myself after Selena & Kyle’s Intimate Toronto City Hall Wedding, walking home near sunset through the streets of Toronto. I was browsing a few images from the day, working out in my head how I would describe the wedding. I will let my photographs portray the couple that Selena & Kyle are, their quiet but wholehearted love for each other and the city itself.

Toronto is an entirely different city than I believe a lot of people who haven’t spent a significant amount of time in it believe. Selena & Kyle got ready in their apartment just east of Yonge & Bloor, wanting to be together the whole day. After a short TTC subway ride down to City Hall, we were nicely surprised with a large naked bike ride (photographs removed), and demonstration happening at the square. After walking around the en masse, we  joined up with family to walk up to the City Hall marriage chambers.

Selena & Kyle’s vows were incredibly sweet, and tearful (as you will see). After a short celebration with family outside the chambers, Selena & Kyle wanted to roam through Queen West, grab a drink in a bar, and find some true good graffiti as we made our way to Chinatown.

A beautiful but oh so intimate Toronto city hall wedding.

– C.