If you’re here, get yourself some water and strap in for this Liberty Grand wedding. Amanda and Jamie have been together fourteen years. Yes: fourteen. They met in Dubai at school and while it was unknown at the time, they would be sitting beside each other at the Liberty Grand a decade and a half later as a married couple.

Jamie proposed to Amanda on a roof-top; that overlooked the city skyline and the CN Tower, with candles, and enlisted the help of a ton of friends to pull it off. Not only did Jamie make these massive plans to woo the girl of his dreams, he did it in style.

This wedding was sweet, powerful in emotion, and a crazy amazing day. Amanda and Jamie have friends and family who love them dearly, so scroll down to see how the day unfolded.

– C.

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Big thanks to:
Ceremony Venue: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Liberty Grand Toronto – Artifacts Room
Wedding Planner: Krysta Jo Petucci – Confetti Event Design
Videographer: Ryan Apigo