Rachelle and Kade’s Peterborough Cottage Wedding was one to remember. Everywhere I turned, family and friendswere laughing, joking, hugging; the kids were playing, the sun shined in an absolutely perfect way and nothing could have beat the backyard where these two lovers finally said ‘I do.’

I first met Kade in college; back then Kade was quieter, but true to spirit, the kindest person you could have ever met. Within minutes, we were friends and he had run downstairs and back up in our dorm to chat favourite games while playing them. Since then, Kade and I have moved into the same neighbourhood of the same city; a wild coincidence but nevertheless, once reconnecting, I met Rachelle, and you just knew these two crazy love-birds were set. Here’s a bit of their day…

– C.

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What a beautiful capture. Thank you for allowing me to experience a bit of my cousins’ day from afar 🙂