Beautiful Engagement Photography in Port Hope, Ontario with Rachael and Matt

January 27, 2016

Rachael is an interior designer. Matt is a carpenter and they are both absolutely talented at what they do.

When we chatted about where we wanted to go for the engagement session, two distinct themes popped up: Interesting architecture in Port Hope’s downtown core, and inside their home where their skills have been put to great use. I couldn’t have agreed more. The morning was beautiful, and for this time of year, having a sun-rise engagement shoot is a bit like a dream. We returned home after exploring some historical buildings and warmed up in the comfort of Rachael and Matt’s home. The door knob, in the last photograph below, was actually used by Matt to propose, and came all the way back from a trip they took to Ireland together!

Two things I am excited for later this year:

  1. The amazingly well thought out details (Matt and Rachael showed me a sneak peek of what his plans are.)
  2. How amazing these two are going to look.

I hope you are wrapped up warm with your loved one while you enjoy this great morning.

– Callum.