Carly & Adam are two truly in sync people. The first time we met up to photograph a little the previous summer, I couldn’t stop them from laughing. It was infectious. Adam would say something low-key funny, bursting Carly into laughter, bursting himself into laughter. In almost a second, Adam could whisper something into Carly’s email again and she would grab hold of him like she would never let go. It was beautiful and powerful, but sweet and sincere – I knew these two loved each other so much. This Windermere Manor Wedding in London was a perfect day, even if it rained most of the time.

You wouldn’t be able to tell but I actually arrived to sunny skies, and it quickly changed to dark skies and heavy rain. The only people it didn’t seem to matter to is Carly & Adam. They laughed at it, and told me they were cool with wherever and however portraits could be made. Naturally, I lead them to a cool tiled floor in the bathroom. After a beautifully emotional ceremony we rushed outside and the skies entertained five minutes of portraits before it decided to rain down on everything again.

Enjoy this amazing day at Windermere Manor.



I cannot thank Lesley Rebry of The Windermere Manor enough. A rockstar! She made sure alternative plans were made for alternative plans and really helped this Windermere Fall Wedding in London be a real party!

If you’re getting married in 2019 or 2020 at The Windermere or anywhere in Southern Ontario, reach out to us here. Your wedding photographs will be beautiful.