There is nothing I love more than travel; and after coming back from Switzerland from a wedding, Katherine and I decided to take a break in the United Kingdom to adventure the Scottish Highlands. While Switzerland holds unsurpassed and absolutely beautiful architecture, the Scottish Highlands hold a breath-taking view of what true countryside should look, smell and feel like.

Glen Etive Sign in Scotland Highlands

Katherine and I landed in Edinburgh mid-day and quickly found ourselves tossing our bags in an Airbnb, located just across from a pub Ian Rankin allegedly hangs out frequently. With very limited time in Edinburgh we took to getting ourselves up Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park. If you have never been here in Edinburgh, you must go. It offers un-paralleled views of Edinburgh in every direction. As you can see from the photographs below, Katherine and I were very happy to be up there on a windy day.

As much fun as we were having, we were yearning for the Scottish Highlands; our planned trip took us through Crainlarich and up to Fort William to climb Ben Nevis. The photographs below are just a sliver of the absolute beautiful mountain passes we saw and standing figures we watched settle in.

If you want to simply see the photos, skip below. The next couple paragraphs are about the place I fell in love with, and a locale Katherine and I could both see ourselves living in some day.

The Scottish Highlands are like no other. It does not even take you very long to get into the thick of it and many take up hiking the entire Highland trail every summer. Many days while hiking parts of the trail we saw groups walking along, full-kit on their back, happy as can be that they were out in the wilderness. On other days we found ourselves running on a trail that seemed to skip beside farming land and farmers’ houses, until abruptly ending at the base of a mountain 15 kilometres later. The air being cool and crisp in the morning, felt warm and inviting for a mid-day nap in the long grass, and reminded me of a time when I was young and simply enjoyed soaking up the sun-shine and beautiful countryside where I grew up. The Scotland Highlands took me right back, captivating all my senses and each photograph to me, reminds me of its entire beauty.

When we arrived in Fort William, we tucked in to our Bed and Breakfastand had a grand sleep; Fort William has some high recommendations for sleepy wedding photographers to crash. The next day we went straight up the acclaimed Ben Nevis, a roaring 4400+ foot elevation and the highest in the British Isles. At the base, the day seemed particularly hot, but we were warned that as we climbed the summit would be cold and having jackets on hand would be wise.

The peak of Ben Nevis, and the views as you climb (or descend), is gorgeous; they’re simply out of this world and some of my favourite photographs I have ever, EVER taken.

Climbing Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands is the highlight of the trip for me, and I believe Katherine feels the same. Check below for our trip in photographs!
Travelling Wedding Photographer In SwitzerlandWedding Photographers in Switzerlandwoman at edinburgh castle rocks Scotland Wedding Photographer jumping at Arthur's Seat Scotland Wedding Photographerposing at Arthur's Seat Scotland Wedding Photographerposing at Arthur's Seat Callum Pinkney Photographer posing at Arthur's Seat in black and white Photographs of Arthur's Seat Edinburgh Destination Wedding Photographer In Edinburgh at Arthur's Seatwoman in front of scottish mountain woman posing at scottish mountain beautiful scenic scottish highland photographs black and white mountain photograph white horse with mountains in background ultra runner on scotland trails Destination Wedding Photographer in England Destination Wedding Photographer in England A top mountain in United Kingdom cotswolds Dark rain and road leading to unknown area Woman standing a top crumbles castle rocks Scotland Highlands Ben Nevis Mountain Path Scottish Wedding Photographer atop Ben Nevis Landscape photograph at cloud level Climbers hiking atop Ben Nevis in Scotland Climbers hiking atop Ben Nevis in Scotland Panorama of Ben Nevis Mountain Range in Scotland Highlands by Destination Wedding Photographer Callum Pinkney

If I could, I would spend my entire life roaming these mountain passes in the Scotland Highlands, and you should spend a little bit too!