In the heart of New Zealand a Canadian woman and an American man, far from home, meet. They flirt, they learn of each other’s past, and held hands (a lot). Family visited them, and confirmed the murmurs that they were both distracted by the other. Friends received visual and verbal confirmation through email, text and phone calls; romance has truly blossomed far from home. So throughout all that, their families eagerly awaited at home for their return. And they returned. Jeremy moved to Canada to attend school and live with Kirsten. As most great love stories go, Jeremy asked Kirsten to marry him and I’d like to think if you’re going to travel over 14,000km around the world to find the love of your life, you’ve got a good shot. This Wedding at Saint Andrew’s College is the result of two good humans doing good for their planet and travelling far away from family to make a difference and the reward; unbeknown to them when they boarded their plane to New Zealand, they would find love and partnership for their entire lives.

Take a second to grab a coffee, or a glass of wine. With this Wedding at Saint Andrew’s College, here is a wedding day thats history starts 14,000km away in New Zealand, and culminating with a celebration in Toronto.

– Callum

Callum Pinkney Photography is a husband and wife team out of southern Ontario, previously residing in Toronto and currently raising two dogs in their new home in Hamilton. Callum focuses his attention on finding moments of your wedding day you absolutely do not expect and retelling your day in a honest, effortless documentary fashion. Both Callum and his wife, Katherine are avid travellers, spending six months in a van for their honeymoon travelling across the United States. If you loved this Wedding at Saint Andrew’s College, then head over to the contact page and drop Callum and Katherine a line. They would love to hear from you.
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