During the Christmas holidays I was in California, sitting in a Starbucks when this amazing couple dropped an email into my inbox. They started out by telling me of their Trinity College Chapel University of Toronto Wedding plans, and how to get down to Enoch Turner, they were going to rent a TTC double-length bus to transport the whole wedding through the city.

A few days later we jumped on Skype to chat and I was talking to them out of my camper van, and we quickly learned that they are soon off to New Zealand to do the same thing for a few weeks, and that we had a few friends in common. How excited was I? Too excited. But then by the wedding day came and I was blown away. Beyond loving their friends and family to bits, as evidenced in the speeches their friends and family gave, these two are romantic in a beautifully quiet way. As you’re going to see farther down this collection of photographs; their eyes were barely off each other all day.

What I loved most about this collection is how effortless it seemed to find those tiny moments of real human interaction, and it was hard to select only this set to show off. Between the photographs, you will not hear the sounds of the most beautiful singer gracing the chapel, the hilarious recollection of the grooms youthful dedication to quirky interests, the bride’s parents retelling a hilarious albeit sweet story of their daughter, or brothers reminding the guests who have helped who in times embarrassing trouble.

I had an amazing day meeting these two world travellers and photographing their wedding; as I post this they have just returned from India where they cannot stop visiting. I cannot wait to see where they head to next!

– Cal.

Big thank you for making this Trinity College Chapel University of Toronto Wedding so memorable to:

Chapel: Trinity College Chapel University of Toronto

Reception: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

Florist: Sharon of Coquette Studios

Makeup/Hair: Faces by Carla

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