Last year I met these two for a quick coffee downtown before they hopped off to go check out a brewery and enjoy the sunshine. The first notes that I brought home from our meeting were that they are really about the calm, quieter casual moments. I recommended we get up early for a Toronto Beach Sunrise Engagement Session to keep it mellow, light-hearted and a little romantic.

With every couple, part of my job is to find the way they naturally connect with each other, both physically and verbally. How they communicate their love for each other. I use those cues to determine the types of posing, playfulness, and ultimately, the energy we bring out in the photographs.

This Toronto Beach Sunrise Engagement Session is the perfect visual harmony & display of the love these two have for each other.


Callum Pinkney is a documentary and light-hearted editorial wedding photographer based in southern Ontario. Getting married? Shoot Callum an email here!