Let me tell you a little bit of a story. I cannot even really even know if it’s true or not, because I laugh a bit too much at it when I think of it. Then, I will show you this gorgeous Royal Canadian Yacht Club wedding. Onwards…

The first time Becky, Adam & I chatted it was on Google Hangouts. We live a little far away from each other to grab a bite and a beer in person, so thank you technology. Part way into our chat, Adam stands up and wanders off. All you hear in the background is the wonderfully beautiful sound of a beer being opened.

Adam slowly returns, sits down and carries on. I was a bit unprepared, rightfully so, as all the beer was downstairs in the fridge and I can’t just walk through my house while talking to these cool cats to join Adam. Becky laughed at this whole string of events. But now it has been almost a year and I’m sort of unsure if it happened or I just imagined it because Adam is a cool cat.

I am unsure if I have ever encountered a group like the wedding party I encountered here. They’re all absolute best friends, and a combination of love and tight-knit comedy, balanced the second they hit the bar to sit down and simply talk. Then Becky & Adam’s family: the nicest. Evidence? See this whole gallery below: emotions galore. I love them all.

– C.

About The Location

So once you land on Toronto Island and make your way from the dock you are immediately upon the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. The Yacht Club is this impressively and majestic building. The first foundational blocks were laid by our own Prince Edward (King Edward VIII). It has history. It is regal and charming, with lush grounds around it to have a real party. I want to spend every day on these grounds, they are magnificent.


Getting Ready At The Royal Canadian Yacht Club

If you are getting married on the island, hands down get yourself ready in the east corridor of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Big, tall rooms with lots of window light and plenty of privacy. As a bonus, you get to overwatch as your guests arrive if you’d like!

Alternatively, you could also get ready off the island at a hotel, but be mindful to time your arrival for the ferry departures!

Where to do wedding party portraits:

Here’s a few locations for your wedding party photographs:

  • On the dock (check the wind, especially if you have long hair!)
  • West side of the Yacht Club — There is a beautiful garden here and is typically protected from the wind
  • North side, facing the city. — See below, some of the best views for wedding party photogrsph!
  • Under the landing inside – If it rains, this is the best spot, still roomy, but nobody is going to get wet and need an umbrella

Where to do your portraits:

In short, everywhere is beautiful on the island for portraits. We love the following spots because of how close and different they are!

  • East-side bridge – A cute little spot for individual portraits or a romantic spot looking back to the city skyline. See below!
  • Boating docks – Cool for layering and getting creative. If you’re into boating, we will definitely be coming here
  • West side of the building – Back to the garden! Especially at sunset, this is tremendously gorgeous (see later in this blog for sunset!)

Where to have your ceremony:

Two spots for your Royal Canadian Yacht Club wedding:

  1. Outside at the lakeside grounds, or;
  2. On the second-floor balcony.

Both look towards the city and are absolutely perfect. Keep track of the weather on your day as the island does pick up a fair bit of wind and rain. With that said, wind and rain can sometimes provide really dramatic looking images.

Where to have your family photographs taken:

Again, the possibilities are endless, but because I love keeping it all organized so the disorganized chaos can resume promptly, here is where I recommend:

  1. Post-ceremony, beside the dock: The perfect blend of shade and little wind. Unless a fog has rolled in, you get a beautiful city skyline background.
  2. On the dock itself: As long as the boats aren’t letting people on and off, this can offer a unique perspective.
  3. Second floor west side in the yacht club: Same location I recommended for getting ready, but once you clear a couple of the tables back a few feet, it is a perfect spot if the weather isn’t cooperating. Large bright windows and neutral colours keep everything looking perfect!

This wedding would not have been possible without REALLY awesome vendors being really awesome all day:

Planner: Tracey of Tracey McAteer Events
Venue: Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Florals: Jenny of Wild Violate Design
Band: Slyfox Band
Makeup: My Bloom Beauty
Hair: Alyssa Helm

If you are getting married at Royal Canadian Yacht Club, I would love to hear from you. So you know, let’s party!

Contact me here!