An Ashbridge’s Bay Engagement Session that brought us blasts from the water, warm pastel colours and two huge smiles. Sometimes the world aligns with you in the funniest of ways. Alena and Alex met through a mutual friend, and while Alex, a computer wizard, was shy at first, you can really see how they’re both a wonderful match of hilarious and romantics at heart. This is one of my favourite Ashbridge’s Bay Engagement Sessions, simply because of the weather and how it didn’t even faze them. High winds and hair everywhere? Totally into it. Get on some rocks and hang out? Of course. I love these two because everything is fun to them, everything is a good-time. I knew they’d love how Alena’s hair flew around, and how much of this was just Alex giggling about something ridiculous we were talking about. Enjoy this Ashbridge’s Bay Engagement Session.


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At the end of the day, I want to create photographs that are as close to true to life as possible. Not for the Instagram likes, or to show-off I stood on a mountain top. To document humanity, your love, your friendships, your connection to what you hold dear. If that’s cuddling at home, or disappearing into the forests, or finding that next great graffiti spot downtown, I’d love to be there. Let’s make it happen!