Last week I had an opportunity to take a few days and visit my friends Alex & Betty, our wedding photographers! Alex and I travelled out of the city to shoot an amazingly lovely couple for a Nantucket Island Engagement Session. Weather threatened to destroy the planned sunset beach session and a small venture in the town. Nantucket Island is absolutely stunning, it’s cute, quiet, and is infinitely photogenic. If I were a Boston Wedding Photographer like Alex and Betty, I’d probably come up every week just to hang out and breathe it all in.

During this Nantucket Island Engagement, Alex and I both got soaked getting right in to the water, almost, but did not get poison ivy, and beyond all else, had one hell of a time.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful session with these two beauties on the gorgeous Nantucket Island, and I really want to return to Boston A.S.A.P.

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