Every so often, the world throws you a gift. The gift was the amazing people, the incredibly connected family and wonderful atmosphere that Devon and Ken setup. At this Muskoka cottage wedding, Devon and Ken invited only their closest family and friends; creating an intimate atmosphere full of laughter, share memories, beautiful weather, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. The smell of pine needles rushed your nose, and the hints towards Foodie’s Anonymous’ ten course meal lured you around the cottage. I was blown away by the serene beauty and honest moments. It is clear from the first moment on the island that both Devon and Ken cared deeply for their friends, their family and for each other. This was my first Muskoka cottage wedding up north and I am now going to be looking to spend any free weekends I have adventuring the area.

The sunrise, the sunset, the stars, the laughter, the hidden hand-holding, the absence of unneccesary distractions: the tiny little things that really matter. I cannot say I have genuinely felt as stoked on life as when I hit the pillow in my RV parked on the mainland after being dropped off at 1a.m. I forgot how sore my feet were, or that my shoes were full of sand. My belly was full, my batteries depleted and when I woke up, I started by dripping my feet in the lake before slowly coasting the back roads back towards the city. I am still buzzing thinking about it. A Muskoka cottage wedding is this; it should look exactly like this.

– C.

A big thank you to all the people who played a part in this wedding:

Make-up and Hair: Eduardo Mella & Lindsey Buro
Venue: Cherry Island
Catering: Foodies Anonymous

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