It has taken me a hot minute to collect my thoughts on this Langdon Hall Wedding. The feelings, the middle-fingers, the never-ending moments I was finding myself in front of.

The first time I met Britta & Colin, we decided to meet up at a brewery. It sounded like this was one of their locals, so I decided to pass on telling them I was spending the year refraining from drinking. I had to tell them once I ordered water at the pub and I think it made the whole situation funnier. I knew from the get-go these two were only concerned that I photographed meaningful moments that really reflected their relationship. Heck, Colin told me the story of how they first met & how it was a stroke of fortune they were in the same place at the same time. This Langdon Hall Wedding is when everything falls perfectly in place.

Colin has this amazing ability to turn anything he says into roaring laughter from Britta, and maybe unknowingly, Britta reveals this side of Colin that is sensitive. What harmony they have seems to be present in front of you, and so subtle in each photograph.

What I always wish for anyone I’m honoured to photograph is that they live in the hallways of their home, even if only one, to remind them of this tiny space in the spectrum of their life with genuine emotion and personality.


Smashing shoutout to these vendors who helped the day be a dream:

Makeup – Angie Perdic – Angelic Complexion
Catering – Langdon Hall
Colin’s suit – Coppley c/o Charles & Hunt
Music – Jesse Parent