I have been waiting for this Irish Indian wedding at the Old Mill. I first met Nitin and Katie at a previous wedding, with Nitin a groomsmen who spent the whole reception with bunny-ears on his head. So let me tell you all about how it all unfolded.

Both come from absolutely different backgrounds but with tremendously loving and supportive families. Katie’s family Irish and Nitin’s Indian. Their description of the wedding day was “a massive party”. What I found is that Katie and Nitin are quieter, sweet souls who balance each other out so well. Nitin is a dreamer, as noted in his families’ speeches; often lost in his own head and day-dreams while Katie is the organized realist, with an infectious smile. What I couldn’t get over is how much they love their families, their friends and the hopes and dreams they all have. Once we formalized the wedding, the party absolutely took over and you will see nothing but laughing, dancing and sweating as these two families have one heck of a night.

What you will finally see is two lovely humans getting lost in their own wedding day. I hope you enjoy this Irish Indian wedding as much as I have.


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