Early mornings are this peaceful moment in the city. The Saturday night celebrations have ended and the activity of a Sunday morning hasn’t begun yet. I love this little window of calm. It’s even better if you find a beautiful spot with the trees just turning colour. I love when couples want to take advantage of this time with beautiful light and no one else around. Linda & Anesu have this natural energy and reaction to each other that goes perfectly with this Humber Bay Park Engagement Session.

I loved getting to see their smiles and shared laughter during our Humber Bay Park sunrise engagement session. The best part of my job is getting to stand back and watch couples interact with each other – the laughter and joy.

After some wandering, we remembered how early it was and realized that we were going to need coffee (because mornings always need coffee!). We detoured from Humber Bay Park up to Queen St. W. to refuel before taking on the rest of the day. Getting the chance to photograph Linda & Anesu in the peaceful nature of the park as well as the hustle & bustle of Queen St. W. was amazing.

For this engagement session, their energy allowed me to simply stand back and let the moment sink in. Someone whispers something and they explode laughing. That’s love.


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