Let me give you a little run down on this Elegant Niagara Wedding in Grimsby. They brought the dogs. Rianne’s Stella York dress LOOKS AMAZING. Jeremy’s Indochino suit? A little jealous, not going to lie.

Beamer Falls Manor is a magical place that hosted a magical wedding. A property that whispers elegance – hidden from the main roads, inviting you to drive up to the front door and nestle in. The house, the backyard, and the massive willow all invite family and friends to come celebrate. Standing under the massive willow, Rianne & Jeremy quietly shared vows as the giant tree swayed its leaves back and forth.

The whole venue was covered in beautiful flowers from Sue at The Watering Can and Brian & Nancy, of Beamer Falls Manor, made sure as always the venue was immaculate. Jacquelyn from Weddings by Jacquelyn did an amazing job keeping the entire day running smoothly.

Driving home from the wedding I took the long-route along the Niagara escarpment that over looks the cities below. I kept thinking back to what I had just witnessed. It was simply a beautiful day and I was lucky enough to document such an amazing day.

Looking back, two distinct moments really stick out because of the heart felt emotions. I will always remember Rianne and Jeremy’s mothers holding hands during the ceremony, captivated by the moment they were witnessing. The other, a small line in the speech about Jeremy – a reminder that the family and friends you have shape you into the person you become. For Jeremy and Rianne, I watched as all the most important people from their lives who formed them into these incredible humans were all gathered under one tent to celebrate their love and future together. It was an incredibly special day.

Please grab your favourite drink, take a seat, and breathe in these moments. This elegant Niagara wedding in Grimsby at Beamer Falls Manor will be one of my favourites for years to come.



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