Oh boy, let’s talk about these two and their Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding. Jennifer and Paul originally met me in a coffee shop after a bit of scheduling criss-crossing, followed up with one cool engagement session that included a walk around Toronto’s Riverdale with ice-cream. Ice-cream!

I have been looking forward to this wedding for a super long time; there is something so very honest and beautiful about  Jennifer and Paul’s connection with each other. I first noticed it during their engagement session. I had them hug but the hug was this big embrace and after I took a few photographs; I had to back up and let them just enjoy.

This day was no different at this Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding, their connection not only to each other but each other’s families is so strong; family is at the foundation of these two and it showed in their speeches, their hugs, laughs, cries, high-fives, and ridiculous stories.

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A big thank you to:
Deer Creek Golf Club in Ajax, ON
and Steve Stemmler for shooting with me!