Damn 2018, you were amazing

Holy shiitake mushrooms. 2018 was a wild, full-blown, no sleep, all throttle, caffeine induced whirlwind. Katherine and I couldn't have made any of this possible without you, you absolute heroes.

By midnight, Katherine and I were in bed reading. We both glanced at our watches and counted down. Five, four, three, two, one. We kissed good night and off went the lights. We promptly fell asleep, awakening just before 6am to the sudden delight of our puppy that a new day has started.

A new day in a new year with new adventures. I would like to look back on the year that had a little bit of everything, professionally and personally.

But first:

To you absolutely wonderful couples who placed their excitement, fear, energy and trust in me

You are rockstars, and I love you.

a wee slideshow // a few of our favourites

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In between beautiful portraits and the party,

moments still rule the day.

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Weddings and sessions we adored this year

As we say good bye to 2018

Thank you for the high fives, the love, the hugs, the dance parties, quiet moments, good (and bad) jokes. The early mornings, the late nights, the dogs we met, the doughnuts we ate, and you. Thank you.

At end of every year we look back to help guide us forward, and as a couple who connect and document one tremendously important day for couples about to tie the knot themselves, we want to share with you one thing:

This is your absolutely miraculous life. Get out everyday and get what you want. Even if that’s a burrito, a dance-off, more coffee, a new personal best at your local track, or creating your wildest dreams. We love you.

– Callum & Katherine