I am a wedding photographer; but here are a few things you should know off the hop: I run after my wife on trails as she competes in ultra-endurance sports, my hunting-dog only hunts shadows, my wife and I travelled around the United States for five months in a camper van and it was ground-breakingly the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced, I sing out loud a bit too much, slight to massive chocolate addiction, but most importantly that I care deeply for every couple I photograph. The trust I have with my couples is what lets us make the photographs you see on my site, in wedding albums, or hung on the walls of newlyweds homes.

I care about a lot of things, like my wife, my dog, music, mouth-watering tacos [and burritos!], travelling to new places, trail-running, and weird art. I hate centipedes, the sound of bristle brushes on concrete, poorly designed furniture, and poorly-assembled burritos [see above.]

Wedding photography to me is a simple thing; you focus on having an amazing day and I will focus on beautiful, priceless photographs you keep forever. We're going to make magic, and have fun doing it. Whether that's walking through the downtown core, or hiking over a mountain.

It’s simple: I want you to have beautiful keepsake photographs for the rest of your life.

You should too, that’s all.

Somewhere in Arizona // Taken by my amazing wife Katherine.