We're a husband and wife team

      focusing our time on giving you photographs that truly matter.

      Meet Callum

      Callum is a little bit happy-go-lucky, little bit obsessive photographer. Despite spending his years chasing an office-job career path, he ditched pens and policies for a backpack and a map.

      With an uncle in commercial photography in the UK, Callum was pulled into the world of commercial work after re-defining his life.

      Obsessed with finding a creative narrative, your wedding photographs will be a picture perfect blend between honest documentation and artistic portraiture.

      Meet Katherine

      Katherine finds bliss in the trails, whether that's the foothills of the Bruce Trail, or rushing to a mountain top on the west coast. Katherine is a wizard of planning, solving and keeping everything organized.

      After years in client care and account management, Katherine and Callum took off around the United States in a camper van to find a life they absolutely loved. Upon returning, Katherine focused her energy on giving you the best plans and guides to have an absolutely epic wedding day.

      What makes us different & perfect for you?

      Callum has a natural eagerness to meet new people and that translates into a unique perspective in his work. Your wedding photographs will focus on each other; your friends, your family, your wedding party and of course you are the focus of the wedding day. Every single photograph is detailed to provide a natural narrative to your wedding day, in a artistically modern way. Callum is different in that he has no interest photographing something that has no interest to you, he is completely in-tuned to what you love.

      The second defining feature is a commitment to retaining genuine colour and vibrancy. Callum's style is developed from travelling the world and viewing the beautiful colours that already exist. In a world where Instagram filters rule the internet, Callum's work retains the natural vibrancy of your wedding day with a touch of artistic flair.


      Story-telling & narrative

      A defining feature of your wedding photographs will be how they look and feel naturally composed, effortless in their portraiture and focusing on really honest moments.

      What this means for your is that the wedding photographs you receive are focused on the things that matter most to you: you & your people. Callum focuses on the imperative people and moments of your wedding day and documents the energy from start to finish.


      Your journey starts here

      This is the easy part, you just need to reach out and say hi. Callum provides only full-day coverage for full-day weddings. It is THAT simple.

      The backbone to your journey is that there is no need to figure out how many hours you need to book Callum for, or wonder if you are cramming your wedding day in. You relax and Callum documents, it's perfect.

      Full wedding day coverage begins an hour before the first partner gets ready, and ends an hour after the dance floor opens.