TESTIMONIAL - Amanda & Jamie

"Simply put: Cal is incredible. He brought the most amazing energy to our entire day, and made us and everyone at the wedding feel special and so comfortable. He was there for and captured every wonderful moment, while putting everyone around him at ease (including us!). He's extremely talented, and his work speaks for itself! We can't thank him enough."

- Amanda & Jamie


"Everyone was personable and nice and seemed qualified, but I didn't really connect with anyone like I did Cal and after our convo, I knew I wanted a photographer and I knew it needed to be him. His communication from our first conversation until this day has been impeccable and I feel like he would excel in any kind of environment. For me, it was more like having an old friend there and I think that was because Cal could tell that was the right approach. He was supportive and fun and at the end of the day, we have amazing photos from our special day that are truly priceless."

- Devon & Ken

TESTIMONIAL - Brooke & Matt

"I'm really not sure which was better - working with Callum the day of our wedding, or seeing the photos a few weeks later. I had high expectations of our pictures, and Callum completely blew them out of the water. Our photos are simply stunning. We look natural, happy, and in love - exactly how we felt!! Cal really captured the style and mood of our wedding perfectly."

- Brooke & Matt