Your Wedding Photographs Will Be Beautiful

Imagine how you will feel looking back at them in 30 years...

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Hi. I'm Callum.

I have a photograph of me when I was five. From what I can piece together from collective memory from all involved, I stole someone's camera, jumped on a chair at the end of an outdoor pub, and started giggling at everyone as I wasted precious film snapping photographs that never turned out. Granted, I was five.

Think of what a photograph from 30 years ago looks like today that is in your home. Maybe it is one from your childhood on a vacation with your parents, or one of your parents on their first vacation together before you even entered the world. What do those photographs feel like? Nostalgia? Pride? Comfort? Love?

Now think of what a photograph from your wedding day will look like in 30 years. That's the moment I've fallen in love with and make photographs for you.

I want to help make your day fun, easy, a celebration, but I am obsessed with photographs that you will cherish now and even more in 30 years. Photographs printed to enjoy now, but also for generations.

You should be given photographs from your wedding that actually look like you. A true refection of who you are as a couple.

Artistic. Authentic. Modern.

We are Hamilton & Toronto Wedding Photographers documenting your wedding day in ways that you didn’t even know were possible. Your wedding photographs will be beautiful.

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