My name is Callum & I am a Toronto Wedding Photographer.

      I have been photographing for five years, and almost as many as a wedding photographer in Toronto, Hamilton and the Niagara regions. After growing up in a small town in Ontario, later living in Toronto, I moved with my now wife to Hamilton to be closer to nature, and grow with a community of artists who are extremely talented. As a Toronto Wedding Photographer, giving artistic documentation of a wedding day feeds my creative soul.

      The question I am asked the most is how I chose to and started photographing weddings. It wasn’t entirely clear to me so many years ago, but it is so clear now: the people, the energy, the collective love that radiates every time. I document those moments, those feelings into a true wedding experience. I cannot find that specific feeling in any other way.

      Being a Toronto Wedding Photographer is pure magic and has lead me to meeting couples from all walks of lives, and inspires my photographic vision every day.



      In the last five years, I have been known for documenting the real stuff, what really, honestly matters. Documenting your love and your adventure as it truly looks. Travelling all over the world, at one point in a van, and mostly with just a backpack, I find the balance between honest, real, adventurous love. From the countryside in Switzerland, to the streets of Toronto and all over the world, bring your partner, I’ll bring the camera.



      Toronto Wedding Photography Testimonial - Amanda & Jamie

      "Simply put: Cal is incredible. He brought the most amazing energy to our entire day, and made us and everyone at the wedding feel special and so comfortable. He was there for and captured every wonderful moment, while putting everyone around him at ease (including us!). He's extremely talented, and his work speaks for itself! We can't thank him enough."

      - Amanda & Jamie

      Toronto Wedding Photography Testimonial - Brooke & Matt

      "I'm really not sure which was better - working with Callum the day of our wedding, or seeing the photos a few weeks later. I had high expectations of our pictures, and Callum completely blew them out of the water. Our photos are simply stunning. We look natural, happy, and in love - exactly how we felt!! Cal really captured the style and mood of our wedding perfectly."

      - Brooke & Matt

      Toronto Wedding Photography Testimonial - Heather & Josh

      "We didn't know much about wedding photography when we first started planning our wedding. We were most nervous that it would make our wedding day feel awkward and uncomfortable. It was the complete opposite! We did an engagement shoot and Callum put us completely at ease. We had a lot of fun getting pictures taken on our wedding day!"

      Toronto Wedding Photography Testimonial - Rachelle & Kade

      "He is extremely personable and makes sure that everyone is comfortable throughout the entire day. I had always been worried it would feel like a weird situation having someone up close and nearby for the getting ready portion, and some of the more intimate moments, but he always felt more like a close friend than a stranger taking pictures. I would recommend him to anyone in search of not just incredible photographs, but a wonderful experience to go along with it."

      Toronto Wedding Photography Testimonial - KATE & FRANCOIS

      "I can't say enough good things about Callum- he's a really nice guy, he fit right into the crowd and blended in.... I didn't get the pics I thought I wanted.... I got pure art! He's very down to earth individual with a real eye for photography. He's very friendly, and laid back, and able to work with lots of different personality types. I cannot recommend him highly enough- if you're getting married, BOOK THIS GUY."

      Toronto Wedding Photography Testimonial - Devon & Ken

      "Everyone was personable and nice and seemed qualified, but I didn't really connect with anyone like I did Cal and after our convo, I knew I wanted a photographer and I knew it needed to be him. His communication from our first conversation until this day has been impeccable and I feel like he would excel in any kind of environment. For me, it was more like having an old friend there and I think that was because Cal could tell that was the right approach. He was supportive and fun and at the end of the day, we have amazing photos from our special day that are truly priceless."

      - Devon & Ken